All about computers: Most optimal storage

Until a few years ago, when we acquired a PC or a laptop there was not much choice of what type of storage device it had. Currently, with the appearance of the external hard disk, there is in itself a solid state drive (also known as SSD) and the classic standard hard drive or HDD. In truth they are all excellent and can be configured with your operating system, even a computer can have both types and work properly.

The standard hard disk is the basic storage medium, that is, all the information that is available to save does not go away when you turn off the PC. Basically store your data on a metal plate with magnetic coverage, by means of a read and write head on an arm that enters the information while your dishes spin.
On the other hand, an SSD functionally does the same, but the data is stored in small interconnected flash memory chips that have the function of retaining the information. This type of flash memory chips are totally different from the ones used in the USB slots, but obviously, they are faster and more reliable. It should also be noted that SSDs are more expensive.
In terms of capacity, the SSD units have the highest cap with 4TB, but their standard units range between 500GB and 1TB. While the common for an HDD disk is 500GB, but for more basic equipment it offers 128GB discs and thus saves on costs. Although there are, it is not common to get standard hard drives of 1TB or 4 TB.
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