Do Vitamin B12 Injections Really Help in Weight Loss

Several methods are being used in the recent time and many programs include novel methods in their weight loss programs. Most of these methods are not supported by the positive outcome of clinical trials but are vastly used. These methods prove to be more harmful rather than offering benefits. Weight loss clinics such as weight loss clinics Houston publicize use of Vitamin B12 injection as part of their weight loss program. Let’s see what is vitamin B12 and does this vitamin have an effectual role in weight management.?

Benefits of vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 or commonly referred to as Vitamin B complex is widely sold vitamin as over the counter (OTC) vitamin supplement and is prescribed by the physicians in many medical conditions. This water-soluble B complex vitamin is found in many natural foods, including fish, meat, and dairy products and is also added to foods as dietary supplement. It is considered as a “Painkilling vitamin” but has multiple benefits such as cardiovascular support, energy metabolism, and aiding in DNA production. Vitamin B12 is an effective analgesic, and is anti-inflammatory, it reduces depression and improves sleeping patterns, and it is essential for brain and skin. Vitamin B12 is highly beneficial in pregnancy and for lactating mothers.
Vitamin B12 for weight loss
In conditions of B12 deficiency and pernicious anemia, B-12 injections are given as treatment. Vitamin B12 injections are being vastly used in some weight loss clinics as a part of their weight-loss program. It is considered that B12 injections boost metabolism and provide more energy to burn unwanted fats deposited on the body, but this has no proven evidence. Medically, vitamin B12 injections provide energy boost in the condition of vitamin B12 deficiency. One thing is clear that excess of vitamin B12 injections cause no harm to the body but can interfere with some medications. This concludes that although B12 injection is taken for weight loss, but you must consult your physician if you are taking some medications.