Esportcoins, the game cryptocurrency portal for eSports

The new and best way to bet on the eSports scene is through games cryptocurrency. Both players and amateurs can see their profits increase through virtual currency transactions in a secure manner without intermediaries and without the limits associated with fiduciary currencies.

Sportcoins is a portal that will be very useful to collect all the information you need about cryptocurrencies of games and updates on how to invest in them and the benefits of using them in your favorite games and online bets.

There you will find a list consisting of platforms and their gaming cryptocurrencies like, game credits, Gilgam, LEAP eSports, and, NeverDie, Play2Live, Skincoin, Unikoin, FirstBlood and many more, including detailed statistics on the value of each gaming cryptocurrency industry.

Some of the platforms mentioned in the list allow the viewer to watch live game broadcasts including the big eSports tournaments of the world, as well as statistics about players from everywhere, making it easy to make decisions about where to invest the money.

Players can have a more fluid and better gaming experience within the reach of a click, as the list of online sites that allow you to buy both video games and elements within the game using cryptocurrencies is longer, as is the case with the store Steam and the Big Fish Games site.

Thanks to the Blockchain platform that verifies and supports very high levels of simple transactions, the volume of purchases and payments in cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially and at a very fast rate. Experts already believe that the cryptocurrency can become the universal currency for the world of electronic games.

By registering at you can earn cryptocurrencies that you can then exchange for the ones you are most interested in, to use them in hundreds of online gambling and betting platforms.