Experience the world of Susan Mikula

Who really is Rachel Maddow’s partner, Susan Mikula? Her Wiki: Net Worth, Age, Art & Photos. Susan Mikula is a photographer and an artist born in 1958 in the state of New Jersey, USA. She however has become known to the general public as the partner of celeb TV personality, Rachel Maddow. The duo met up in 1999 and has been at it romantically since then. Susan has lived most of her early life in New Jersey but moved on to New Hampshire College, Massachusetts. She basically dedicated her study on the field of color theory. Susan began her professional career at the state of the Arts 1998 Oregon. She in that year also launched her solo exhibition code named Lux in Tenebris.

Susan put photography on hold for a while and attended to some other endeavors till 2007 when she came back to doing it again. She although lacking at that time in the trending advancement in photography tech still managed to make impact with her old apparatus and way of doing things. She thus has become one of the most acclaimed photographers of now. She has had her work pieces exhibited in leading platforms and centers all over the US in renowned galleries. That has been a boosting support to her net worth and fame.

Her net worth as at now

She is worth $5 million as per info at hand now and owns a very huge villa were she currently resides with her partner Rachel. She has authored so many books like “Susan Mikula Photographs 2008” and other very popular books. The sale of her books has been very supporting to her net worth in a whole.

Her relationship status now

She is an open gay and has been in a thriving romantic relationship with her partner Rachel ever since their meet up. Rachel has well been supportive of her occupation on TV. They however remain unwedded until date but seem to be content with enjoying their romantic relationship.