A faith mission open to the world

The Mission of the Order of Saint Matthew is created as a non-denominational church online; open to all who feel the need to find a place to go to keep faith and belief in God alive, which unfortunately are so absent in today's world, but also with the aim of allowing Christians to continue to grow in spirituality and find the way of salvation. And is that the path to the knowledge of Christ never ends, is always evolving, so keep a faith mission open permanently, to strengthen and revive it whenever needed or perhaps to be visited by anyone who is looking the reconversion, is the engine of the Order.

This faith mission seeks to make each Christian the best of him and for this is based on four pillars: Faith, industry, Piety and Obedience, understanding that building a better world is supported in them.

Who can live without faith? Faith is the engine of the world, only that is achieved what seems impossible, faith moves mountains and that is what we aspire to, the mountains of poverty, and the collapse of family traditions, good manners and the misrepresentation of the valuesmove until they disappear from our environment. It is a great job and for this faith is necessary.

But also industry understood as the personal achievement of working to transform nature into what is necessary for sustenance, piety to help others and finally obedience, in the sense of abiding by the precepts of the Bible, rescuing compliance of its mandates since it contains everything necessary for the world to work better.

This faith mission seeks that each Christian can give each day the best of himself that his actions reflect the true meaning of love for neighbor, the exact value of the effect that this path of knowledge and implementation of the precepts of Christ can produce in the society.