Going Beyond Ratings

GMA network’s giant strides it seems is capturing the TV market in Philippines, with Pinoy TV at the helm. Since GMA cleverly extended its network services to Urban Luzon and Mega Manila, it’s been topping the charts. And this was a wise move because both these cities together constitute approximately 75% of the urban TV watching population in the country.

GMA’s day audiences have also shown an upsurge between 2013 to 2014 due to the educational programs and cookery shows that capture viewers during the day. In addition to that, news programs broadcasted every hour cater to the sensibilities of those who want to stay abreast of happenings in Philippines and across the world. The much acclaimed and multi award winner news program, Kapuso Mo, has broken most records, acquiring a place in the top 30 news channels.
GMA is also the proud possessor of a viewer strong hold in the Mega Manila where, according to statistics, viewers are in love with teleseries based on real life crime and how to prevent it. Pinoy Channel broadcasts like The Half Sisters, 24 Oras, Eat Bulaga and Born to be Wild are some of the household programs that no viewer in their right mind would want to miss.
Since students are the fabric to every society, GMA has smartly deployed educational programs for them and a bulk of it has their base on Pinoy TV. There are repeat telecasts for shows, but what is most important is that each channel has a review section for all its telecasts. To keep the Filipino population involved and informed about the world, International programs are favoured because they give food for thought for the mind and soul. With the changing tastes of TV watchers, Pinoy TV is comfortable showcasing everything from world politics to the world’s music in a bid to keep users from switching channels. And it is obvious that they are succeeding.