How passwords help you to protect your facebook account?

A password is a key to digital items. It is a key to the accounts, you want to be secured and away from any others reach. A facebook account is not as sensitive as a bank account but you need to secure it to protect your personal information. A secured password can help you protect your facebook account. Hackers use different techniques and formulas to hack a facebook account. To can beat the hackers by protecting your facebook account with a strong password that cannot be decoded by any other person.

You should not set a password that is easily predictable. Often people made a mistake to set a password that is their phone number, mobile number, fax number or their birthdates. You should not a password which is a predictable. Your friends and family definitely know your phone number, it is the first choice of everybody to set their phone number as their password. It becomes easy for a hacker to guess your password and to hack a facebook account.
You should try different patterns and creative formulas with your facebook account password. You should make a password with letters, numbers and special characters involved in it. You should not keep the letters or numbers in their increasing or decreasing order. Try to indulge the special characters such as #, %, ^,*, in between the letters and the numbers.
Often people set the same password with all their accounts. A same password for all the accounts such as your email, your twitter account, your bank account and your facebook account may cause you fall in serious trouble. You should not a same password for all your accounts online.
You should change your password regularly. Try to change it every week. These precautions will hinder a hacker to hack a facebook account and your account and your information both will be saved.
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