The Metamorphosis of the cigarette to the modern age electronic cigarette

The humble cigarette has gone through so many stages of metamorphosis ever since the first cigarette was lit up, with the advances in science came new additions like a filter to keep out the nasty tar, and more importantly the ability to regulate the nicotine content of a cigarette. The flip side of all those advances meant that the many carcinogenic chemicals that form a part of the cigarette came to light, too sparking an intense and in depth study into the effects of cigarette smoke on the human body. It is that research which has brought about the awareness and regulations that surround tobacco use. It was at this juncture that the e-cigarette came to light and ever since its first market day, it has been hailed as the savior of the cigarette.

It proposed to offer all the pleasures of smoking, but, with none of the side effects or complications. That set in motion a series of events on a global scale which resulted in the advent of many companies that market the electronic cigarette and a quite a few tweaks on the whole have given rise to the fact that, now, you have the privilege of choosing from a wide variety of flavors to puff on.
Likewise, this crowd-sourced and demand-fueled industry has brought newer innovations to light, like the Hookah Pen. The main impetus behind the success of the e-cigarette in its various avatars, is not attributed to its myriad flavors or its cool factor, but the ground reality that once hooked on to tobacco, it's really hard to kick the habit. So, many people have fallen back on the e-cigarette as a substitute to its conventional cousin. This increased popularity has brought up many questions regarding the safety and advantage of the e-cigarette over traditional ones.
It remains to be seen whether the e-cigarette and Electronic Hookah have more benefits in the long run, but till then, enjoy a smoke free, tar free and odor free puff!!