Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder, the best e-commerce service on the web

PrestaShop is free e-commerce software created in 2007 by Igor Schumberger and Bruno Leveque, with the intention of making e-commerce more accessible and guarantee the success of online businesses. With Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder anyone can create an online store easily and quickly, using efficient tools to manage your business.

Through the official PrestaShop Addons website, the platform offers customers the possibility of purchasing various modules that allow them to customize their PrestaShop virtual stores according to the particular needs of their business.
Using the design modules, the dealers can customize the image of your store, achieving a professional and distinctive appearance, creating a space perfectly adapted to the personality of the products that it promotes.
With the traffic module, it is possible to improve the visibility of the products online and to be placed in large marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, as well as to improve the presence in social networks.
The module of payments and deliveries allows offering customers reliable and personalized methods that facilitate the purchase of products and shipments faster and more efficient.
In addition, the PrestaShop team of experts is prepared to provide business owners with all the necessary advice to choose the most suitable modules for their virtual store.
Among the most innovative features is the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module that allows re-launching those products that undecided clients discarded, applying special discounts so that other people are motivated to acquire them. In addition, personalized emails are sent as a reminder of the abandoned PrestaShop cart to encourage customers to complete their purchases.
With the services of Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder all the online ventures can count on the professional tools that allow them to boost their business, improve sales and retain their customers. A profitable online business is possible. This software will only bring benefits to your business!