A therapy that heals severe trauma: hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a special kind of treatment that is facilitated by a special chamber devised for maximal infusion of medical oxygen into the blood of the patient as it contains higher pressure than the ambient atmosphere’s.
Oxygen present in the air is not pure as it contains many other gases with it. 100% oxygen can act as a drug, surely, but in atmosphere the pressure is not as much so as to make the oxygen dissolve in the blood.

In hyperbaric chambers there is only pure medical oxygen and the higher pressure results into the infusion of oxygen in the blood up to 20 times that dissolving naturally.
Hyperbaric therapy for traumatic brain injury
Brain injuries are although seldom curable but it has been proven that these injuries can be healed by oxygen therapy. Traumatic injuries are caused mainly by blood vessel obstruction such as a blood clot that cuts down the flow of oxygen as well as blood inside the brain. Thus nerve cells die and these dying cells swell up by the rupture of their cell membrane, causing the fluid inside to come out and thereby swelling the nearby cells and tissues to swell up too. Consequently, the blood vessels surrounding it get constricted causing deficiency of blood as well as oxygen in brain. This hypoxic condition sometimes results into strokes.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps in increasing the blood oxygen level in brain as aforesaid and thus preventing the brain from hypoxia and removing stroke related conditions.
Hyperbaric treatment for reflex sympathetic disorder:
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is linked with certain symptoms including temperature changes, skin colour changes, weakness, muscle atrophy, high sweating, swelling stimulated by just a mere touch and depression.

RSD can happen from any break or fracture, surgery, or major trauma. It is a thing to be noted that many a times it is diagnosed much after the actual injury has happened.
Oxygen therapy helps in curing this complexity by providing the infected portion with enhanced oxygen supply that results into its fast healing and removing drug dependency. May patients have said that they have gotten a relieved sleep after this treatment.
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