The Type of DUI Assistance You Need in Different Situation

There is a need to understand why DUI is not good for anyone and why it should be avoided. Everyone is familiar with the effect of alcohol and intoxicating drugs on brain cells. Their use diminishes the brain’s activity and increases responsive time. The result is that a driver under the influence of alcohol or some intoxicated drug will not be able to respond quickly to the possible accident. It will, therefore, be too late before steps could be initiated to prevent the accident. For instance, if someone is crossing the road, you wouldn’t be able to apply brake on time because thinking distance between your vehicle and the pedestrian will be more than the usual distance to cause delay because of alcohol effect.

Effects of DUI
This is logic that alcohol consumption increases thinking distance by about 20%. The recommended blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for driving is less than .08 because the risk of accident increases with more BAC which not only affect driver’s thinking power but also the vision. This is the reason that most drunken drivers cause accidents due to reckless driving. This is also important from the perspective of considering DUI as an offence under the law because of its hazardous consequences.
Assistance needed for DUI
You may need various type of assistance in case of DUI. First, as a DUI driver, you need a designated driver (DD) who abstain from alcohol drinking and can take you to your location safely without risk of DUI charge. A designated driver is a type of insurance that avoids you from embarrassment of legal complications such as penalties and imprisonment. You also need DUI assistance in the form of finance to reimburse compensation ordered by the court. Legal assistance is one very important type of dui assistance when you’re charged for DUI offence and to fight your case in the court for which you will need a competent lawyer to represent.