What is nuru massage?

The term massage is something which is everyone is aware of. Each and every one knows what massage is. It is the therapy which relaxes the hormones and the stress of the body or the individual part of the body. Now the question arises what is nuru massage and what is the concept behind it?

Features and characteristics of nuru massage
• It is a kind of sexual interaction between the two parties.
• Nuru massage is the erotic technique of the massage in which the two parties which are one is the client and the second party is the masseuses.
• In the massage both the parties get nude and they perform the activity of the massage.
• The masseuses rub his/ her body by get fully nude on the client’s body.
The term nuru massage is originated from the Japanese word or we can say that the Japanese language that means the slippery or we can say that the smooth. In the massage they use the oil which is tasteless and the kind of oil which is very slippery on the surface of the body. These kinds of oils are directly extracted from the leaves of the seaweed. They also use the nuru gel which is a substitute of the oil and these are the things which are directly dependent on the client willing to want. The gel is the thing which is treated all over the body of the client.
During the massage time, the masseuses offer his/ her whole body to the client and try to make the more and more kind of physical contact with the client. The main motive of the masseuses in the nuru massage is to satisfy the client completely and it is the legal activity in the most of the countries of the world.
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