Yocan: The Use of Latest Technology in Yocan Pens

The Yocan pens have gained immense popularity among stoners in the present times. Hence the technology which is being used for manufacturing of these pens has also evolved tremendously in a short interval of time. You can see the effect of this on the latest yocan pens available in the market. These pens make use of a QDC technology, where Quartz is used instead of the traditional silica or fiber for the wicks.

Smooth high
The use of the coil made of quartz, ensures that you get a very clear and smooth experience, every time you wish to get high. The main difference that you will find with coils of other brands and yocan coils is that the air inlets in the yocan coils are present on the sides of the ceramic without use of glue. In the other coils the inlets are in the middle and fixed with glue. The presence of inlets on sides ensures there would be no leakage.
Donut coil
The donut coil is an optional one and gives you lots of options for getting high. This kind of coil heats up really fast and produces a clean and almost tasty vapor. The Bongs under $100, can also give you good high.
Durable Yocan pens
The yocan pen has a really large battery, which is able to provide heat continuously. The very innovative feature of the latest yocan pen is the presence of a silicone jar which can store the wax or butter. This is a vaporizer which you can use while on the move.
The in-built micro USB port allows you to charge the device efficiently. You can plug it really easy anywhere and get on with other things. The wide variety of colors in which the pens are available, make them as cool as the Dab Mats .